About Us 

New from Old is a small independent family run business
set up by Sole Proprietor Rick Forward in 1991

Rick Forward has been designing and hand building kitchens and furniture since 1991, which coincided with when his first son was born.  Over the previous years Rick's passion in environmental matters in the living planet and the need for sustainability had been growing.  His decision to take the step to become a small independent business with the environment at its heart, enabled him to take an active, practical and creative environmental stance that would make a difference to the planet.  

During and after his Degree at Reading University, where he first started reading Botany, and then changed to Soil Science, he undertook short term agricultural development projects in Libya and the Cameroons, and also worked in agriculture and forestry for a number of years.  This gave him an insight into modern forestry and how it was beginning to evolve into an industry that didn't just produce an end product but looked at the product and how it would benefit the land.

A change in Government policy forced him out of work and resulted in him working for a leading designer furniture manufacturer, Knoll International, with their strong links in the design world routing back to the Bauhaus and furniture for the people.  Work here focussed on the spatial environment and how to make best use of it.


Rick worked with a couple of other interior design companies and then decided to follow his passion and make his own furniture adhering to his strict environmental beliefs.

He was increasingly concerned about seeing renovation projects to buildings whereby all the old timber was pulled out and burnt and yet this timber was a better quality than what is commercially available now.  So he made a conscious decision to use reclaimed timber whenever possible, and if using new timber to always use timber accredited as sustainably managed.