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Oak Garden Bench with lead infills, Littleport, Cambridgeshire Ash Kitchen with granite work tops and oyster bar Reclaimed Pine Welsh Dresser, Cambridgeshire Ash Dining Table with Glass Insert, Haddenham, Cambridgeshire

Where you can find us in 2020

Riverside Arts 2020

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled. However, we hope to exhibit in some way once we are through the current Corona Virus crisis. New from Old would have been hosting a group of artist makers in our riverside workshop, showcasing a fabulous range of furniture, paintings, textiles, weavings, ceramics, willow and prints. Artists in the line up: Rick Forward, Caroline Forward, Gordon Chesterman, Jane Frost, Jeremy Peake, Ditty Dokter, Anna Osborne and Ken Murray. The exhibition is sadly cancelled. Please email us on or if you would like to view any work online, or contact any of the artists.

  • New from Old hosts Riverside Arts as part of Cambridge Open Studios New from Old hosts Riverside Arts as part of Cambridge Open Studios

    New from Old hosts Riverside Arts as part of Cambridge Open Studios New from Old Showroom Debut

    Ditty Dokter spinning and weaving Jane Frost willow, Jeremy Peake ceramics Jeremy Peake ceramics, Caroline Forward painting


    Country Fairs 2020

    Cambridge Town and Country Fair
    Unfortunately this event has been cancelled due to Corona virus
    Cambridge Town and Country Fair, on Parker's Piece, Cambridge, 13th and 14th June 2020.
    Rick Forward furniture designer maker Rick Forward furniture designer maker

    Wimpole Hall Christmas Craft Fair

    Sat 21st and Sun 22nd Nov. We are looking forward to meeting friends and customers old and new at this year's Wimpole Hall Christmas Craft Fair when we return with our traditionally built furniture and with Rick demonstrating some of his traditional joinery methods.
    Wimpole Estate, Arrington, Royston, Cambridgeshire SG8 0BW
    New from Old exhibition stand New from Old Ash Tallboy, detail

    Federation of Small Businesses

    We are a member of the Federation of Small Businesses.

    New to our Team!

    Jeremy Peake has joined us as our part time Workshop Assistant, and we are delighted to welcome him to New from Old.

    Hand Carving

    Rick has been enjoying hand carving new sustainably managed Oak hardwood as a feature for a Contemporary Kitchen, shown in our Other Kitchens page

  • New from Old hand carving New from Old hand carving New from Old hand carving

  • Our Privacy Policy

    At New from Old we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the products and services you have requested from us. If you would like to view our privacy policy in more detail please contact us on

    We have won two Interior Design 2017 BUILD Awards

    We have been awarded Best Bespoke Wooden Kitchens and Furniture Designer, East England, and also Most Innovative Residential Kitchen Project.
    For the kitchen that won the award Rick was able to work with his client’s aspirations, reflect local environmental characteristics into the design detail of the furniture, use new and traditional methods of cabinetmaking, and create a unique solution for his clients’ requirements, all with minimal environmental impact. Rick hopes to complete more projects like this in the future.

  • Award Winning Contemporary Kitchen, New from Old Bespoke solid wood contemporary Kitchen Furniture Hand carved cupboard and drawer fronts, New from Old
  • Interior Design Award 2017, New from Old

    Green Energy for New from Old

    As part of our ongoing commitment to minimal environmental impact, we are now generating our own electricity from photovoltaic panels.
    We re-use our waste wherever practical and safe, and to this end we have a wood burning stove to burn our sawdust to heat the workshop.

    Occasional table designs

    Our occasional tables are handcrafted from new sustainable Oak hardwood which is certified as coming from sustainably managed sources. They measure approximately 48cm high, except for the Glasgow table which is approximately 67cm high. The designs of these unusual striking pieces are inspired by architects and cities from around the world.

  • Bab Berrima Table £220 Bab Doukkala Table £220 Barcelona Table £115 Glasgow Table £125

  • Sustainability in the kitchen manufacturing process

    New from Old was recently approached for comments on any or all of the following topics:

    The general need for sustainability in the kitchen manufacturing process - why it's important.
    The way manufacturers are addressing the challenge of finding sustainable resources for cabinetry (both in terms of types of materials used and offsetting any timber used).
    Woods that consumers should look out for - ones to use and ones to avoid - and ecologically sound manmade alternatives.
    The eco credentials of worktop surfaces, such as stone, synthetic and composite materials, and the available options for a sustainable workshop.

    This is our response:

    Sustainability in the kitchen manufacturing process
    Sustainability is largely about the materials used rather than the process of manufacture, although some processes can be more damaging to the environment than others. Broadly speaking, the more labour intensive a process is, the better it is for the environment. Put very simplistically you can a drill a hole using a brace and bit and use no electricity, or use a CNC machine. The advantages of a CNC machine are speed and accuracy, so any process comes down to profit margin and cost.

    Self generating heating and electricity
    Some practices within manufacturing can be described as highly sustainable, for instance, the use of workshop waste and off cuts to heat the workshop, and boiler technology is now advancing a pace so that the boilers can generate electricity as well as heat.

    Reclaimed Pine and Sustainable Woods
    The choice of materials can hugely affect how sustainable a process is, and again, broadly speaking, the less processed a material is the more sustainable it is, so solid wood is more sustainable than man made particle boards, but an MDF made without formaldehyde and from forest thinnings (brashings) is more sustainable than a standard MDF, and English Oak, grown from a well managed wood is far more sustainable than a tropical timber, however well managed its growth has been.

    Here at New from Old, we tend to use only locally grown timbers that are accredited as sustainable, and we never use tropical woods or by products of the tropical timber industry. However, primarily we use reclaimed timber, largely pine. Not only does it rate very highly on the environmental products score, but being reclaimed it comes with character and history in it, which our clients love.

    Sustainable Kitchen Work Surfaces
    Choice of work surfaces is a bit of a nightmare, but solid wood must be best. However, not every client is prepared to maintain an oiled worktop so alternatives need to be offered. Again the more processed a material the less sustainable it is, so granite, slate and marble could rate quite highly, but then how damaging the mining operation is to the environment is still unquantified. Worktops from recycled materials such as glass, plastic, stonedust, are all worthy alternatives but for the resins used to cement the fragments together. I don’t believe anyone has as yet directly compared all these available products on a sustainability chart, but it would be an interesting exercise.

    For further information please:
    contact us here or email