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And now for Something Completely Different!

Linoleum Faced Kitchen Cabinets

This kitchen is the result of a wonderful collaboration with my customer who asked me if I would make her kitchen using coloured plastic to face plywood cabinets. She agreed to my suggestion of using linoleum as a more environmentally friendly alternative, and chose “Charcoal” from the range of colours, to create a stylish contemporary look for her kitchen. I used environmentally friendly 18mm plywood, treated with white oil, to construct the cabinets, making the composite edge as a feature in the furniture.

North Norfolk Sea Henge and coast inspired Kitchen

This kitchen features elements inspired by the North Norfolk coast, the dark hand carving reflecting Sea Henge, the soft muted colours of the linoleum on the cabinetry evoking the coastal colours, and the Oak frontage of the larder reminiscent of ripples in the sand at low tide

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