Aerial View of Deforestation


We are becoming increasingly aware of the damage we are doing to our planet. New from Old is committed to helping to undo some of this damage by re-using or using resources that will safeguard the life of our planet.
Why Reclaimed Pine is a good choice for making
solid lasting Furniture

New from Old regularly uses reclaimed pine. This pine is usually Victorian or earlier and it tended to be sourced from the cold climates of Northern Europe and Russia where it grows slowly, producing a dense, close grained wood. These beautiful aged timbers, rich with character and history, well seasoned by time and thus immensely durable, will result in a piece of furniture displaying all the charm of antiquity when polished and waxed, yet which has been made to measure to your specific requirements and aesthetic.

What makes our Furniture Sustainable?

As well as making environmentally informed choices in our materials and processes, by offering freestanding or semi-freestanding furniture, the option is there for you to take your furniture with you if and when you move house, thus further benefiting your pocket and the environment. The way we make your furniture makes it robust and durable, so that it will last many generations. Solid, lasting furniture, because it does not need replacing regularly, reduces the pressure on our precious natural resources.

The Woods we use to make our
Solid Wood Furniture and Why

New from Old uses only European grown timbers that are accredited as sustainable, and we never use tropical woods or by products of the tropical timber industry. There is a huge variety of sustainable temperate zone hardwoods available to choose from including oak, beech, elm, ash, maple, chestnut, walnut, sycamore and fruit wood such as cherry, apple and pear. Many of these hardwoods have striking and variable grain which we incorporate into the design of the furniture, playing on the beauty of the natural wood. The new hardwoods we use all carry the Forest Stewardship Council certification of sustainability and when possible, are sourced locally to reduce the carbon footprint of harvest and transport.

How Sustainable Hardwoods are accredited as sustainable

There are a number of not for profit organisations which oversee and audit the management of forests and supply of forest products ensuring complete sustainability and chain of custody through its management and processing to final product. These organisations and councils allow consumers to purchase all kinds of forest products with the confidence that you are not contributing to global deforestation. These certified forests are managed to ensure long term timber supplies while protecting the environment and ecosystem and the livelihoods of the local community. Owning hardwood furniture and solid wood kitchen units made from such timber ensures that you are helping to contribute to the upkeep of our planet's resources while enjoying beautiful traditionally built household furniture.

Planting a Tree
Environmentally Friendly Furniture

Environmentally friendly furniture is not just about the wood and the product but the process and the environment in which we work. Our environmental efforts extend to as many parts of our manufacturing process as is practically possible, so all products we use are sourced to meet our exacting environmental standards. All our timber waste is used to heat our workshop.